Arquitectura i Accessibilitat Barcelona

Xavier Garcia-Milà Lloveras

Architect by the ETSAB (Higher Technical School of architecture of Barcelona).

Liberal professional with extensive experience in the design of social facilities for the elderly and people with disabilities and in the drafting of accessibility plans.

Biographical Information

Member of the “Council for the Promotion of Accessibility” of the Government of Catalonia and consultant to Institutions linked to Social Services and accessibility.

Patron of the Pere Mitjans Foundation.

IMSERSO Accessibility Award (1984) and ONCE Catalunya (2001).

Lecturer in various courses and master’s degrees in accessibility and gerontology at the UB, UPC, UAB, UIC and the Royal Board of Trustees’ Basic Accessibility Course on Disability.

Author and contributor to various publications on accessibility and gerontology.

Responsible for the research and teaching area of aia-bcn.

Professional Career



Architect by the ETSAB (Higher Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona)
Polytechnic University of Barcelona, UPC

Nº of collegiate in the COAC: 6941/8

Develops his professional activity in collaboration with various architects. Creates his own studio.

Carries out his professional activity associated with Jaume Cardona Torras.

Founds the study aig (architecture and geriatrics) together with Jaume Cardona Torras to develop geriatric architecture projects.

Founds the AyA studio together with the architects Eduardo Álvarez (Uruguay), Claudia Sánchez (Colombia), Verónica Camisao (Brazil), an open structure that integrates professionals from different disciplines to develop architecture and accessibility projects both in Europe and in Latin America. .

Founds the aia – bcn studio together with Jaume Cardona Torras, Ángeles Hidalgo de la Torre, Carla Habif Hassid Bozzo and Virginia Talmon Mondon, locating and consolidating AyA in Europe.

Founds dab – bcn; together with Virginia Talmon Mondon and Jaume Cardona Torras.

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