Arquitectura i Accessibilitat Barcelona

Residence in Terrassa

Residence and Day Center for the Mentally Handicapped, Terrassa, Barcelona

The site responds to the guidelines of the site. Both bodies of the building are connected to the ground floor and give rise to the main access, evidenced by the widening of the sidewalk and a canopy. The lobby visually extends with the inner courtyard and marks the exterior-interior relationship. The construction is executed with prefabricated concrete panels, for the east/west facades of the rooms; while the most popular ones are glazed with large spans and vertical sun protection slats.

  • Associates: Carla Habif, M. Roberto Álvarez
  • Installation calculations: Barny, Engineer Víctor Barnes
  • Calculation of structures: Estatic, Engineer Gerardo Rodríguez
  • Measurements and budgets: Architect Jordi Carbonell

Carla habif hassid – Nestor Sulkin – Mario Roberto Alvarez

Type of job

New construction

Type of work

Public work


Infraestructures S.A.




60 residentials
30 day center
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