Arquitectura i Accessibilitat Barcelona

2017 - Housing arrangement program for people in vulnerable situations

Facultative direction of the works of rehabilitation and functional adaptation of houses

The purpose of the program is to guarantee the minimum conditions of habitability, safety, accessibility, hygiene and energy efficiency by carrying out basic reforms and installing technical aids for housing, both rented and owned, for people in a situation of vulnerability. Therefore, these are non-structural works and installations of technical aids so that the person(s) would benefit from greater functional autonomy, less energy dependence and better quality of life at home. Arrangements are classified into the following types of intervention:

  • Arrangements in bathrooms
  • Arrangements in kitchens
  • General fixes
  • Complementary actions for energy improvement in homes to avoid energy poverty

City of Barcelona

Type of Job

Interior rehabilitation




Ajuntament de Barcelona

Type of Work

Public work
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