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CRAE Terrassa

Educational Action Residential Center in Terrassa

The location and position of the CRAE is mainly determined by its adaptation to the site, which is substantially square in shape, sloping towards the dividing walls and the sun.

The functional program is resolved on the ground floor plus two, except for the recreational spaces, the hospitality industry and the technical management, which are located on the semi-underground floor. At the time of conceiving the project, a response was given to aspects of relevant importance such as: access to ground level, layout of the volumes generating free landscaped and sunny spaces for the exclusive use of the users of the center, response to the urban and social environment, continuity and integration with the urban structure of the neighbourhood, adaptation of the building to the various orientations and slopes, and play space, toy library and library, in direct relation to the landscaped, sunny and controlled land.

Educational Action Residential Center
C/ Logroño corner Burgos street, Terrassa (Torressana)

Type of job

New construction


1.300,00 m² new construction


30 Residentials


Infraestructures S.A.

Type of Work

Public Work
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