Arquitectura i Accessibilitat Barcelona

Llar de l'ancianitat

The general distribution of the space is proposed, taking into account the functionality in the distribution also from the perspective of the interior elements of the equipment in order to achieve optimal use of the space.

Since the action is a space with linear and clear shapes, some finishes are proposed with the usual premises of accessibility, and seeking to achieve a feeling of comfort and warmth necessary for the stay of people as a home.

The interior elements that are part of the work are chosen according to the spaces themselves based on the solution and needs of each area, creating harmony so that it works as a whole.


Adaptation of the premises for a day center


Xavier Garcia-Milà Lloveras + Virginia Talmon Mondon


In action


Fundació Privada Torres Falguera. Caixa Terrassa


Private Work


100 places day center

Lighting: We treat lighting from the reinforcement of the architecture itself, highlighting the given spaces and from the interior elements thinking about the functions to be developed in each of them. With two actions we make an approach in which the light has a balance and gives the environment that we pursue. The general lights will be low consumption.

Comprehensive rehabilitation Residence for the elderly
Av. Abad Marcet, 78, Terrassa

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