Arquitectura i Accessibilitat Barcelona

Residence Gran de Gràcia

The project has considered the facade of Gran de Gràcia as the public face of the residence, both as a commercial claim and in relation to the neighborhood and the street. The existence of a square generated by the setback of the building is taken into account, which makes possible the expansion of the low level in the urban plot. Likewise, access to the Residence via Carrer Gran de Gracia is proposed and the existing one is maintained as a service access via Carrer Betlem, creating a relationship on a scale of daily use, by considering an access for users and visits, and another for staff and supplies, essential for the street with reduced traffic and not for Gran de Gràcia with the impossibility of parking.

The Residence is spread over the 5 floors of the building, where the highest density of rooms are distributed on the first floor and the smallest on the ground floor. The total number of residence places is 40 and 8 in the day center.

Gran de Gracia with property nº 224 and by Carrer Betlem with property nº 8


Change of use and rehabilitation


1063.24m² rehabilitation




La Daurada de Gracia – Grup La Vostra LLar


Private Work


40 residentials
8 day centre
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