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Rehabilitation of the House of the Masters and Nuns in Esparreguera - Public contest

The project is defined as filling, as magma that fills all the empty spaces between both buildings; generating a topographical plan. The proposal fills “magmatically”.

On this topographic and magmatic plane, a unique element stands out at the height of Calle Hospital as an object that breaks and surpasses it and generates the new façade of Calle Hospital. It is configured as a green carpet, covered with plants that gives both private and public use to the two buildings subject to rehabilitation, recovering the medieval concept of a raised garden. This green space is accessible from the two buildings and directly and in a segregated way from Calle Hospital by means of a staircase and an elevator for independent use.

Tipo de obra

Obra nueva


3.157 m² obra nueva


Ajuntament d'Esparreguera

Tipo de encargo

Obra pública

As a plant cover of native vegetation and xerogardening, it can be accessed by means of a wooden walkway that floats over it, being accessible. Meeting and leisure spaces are created along the route. Por debajo connects and links the two existing buildings on the ground floor and basement.

This magmatic topographic plan to give light and visually connect the different parts of the building at ground level or P-1 is pierced by large patios that give light and greenery to the lower floors.

3 patios are set up, one covering the building on Calle Hospital, another in the central area and the last one in front of the building on Calle de Baix. The patios are fully glazed with wood and steel carpentry, landscaped with indigenous vegetation, shrubs and trees; generating a warm and green environment, where the passing of the seasons and the hours are reflected.

In summary, the proposal promotes communication between the two buildings from a new naturalized public space, linked and related to the city, being part of it as a place for coexistence.

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