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Residence in Bellver - Public Contest

Respecting the volume of the project, the main and rear facades are redefined, reinterpreting the Cerdanya language, using typical materials with prefabricated systems that contribute to the energy efficiency of the building and the execution time.

The corner is enhanced as a unique element that relates the residence to the urban environment, and facilitates the understanding of the accesses.

The gardens Access from the common area, controlled hall; but if the person is self-employed it can also be accessed from the rooms and they are thought of according to the activities: visiting space with support for children’s games that favors the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren in relation to access and without interfering with the life of the residence, a space to simply “be in the sun”, relaxation and contemplation, a therapeutic garden space and a final space for physical activity with direct access from the gymnasium on the ground floor.

Type of work

New construction and rehabilitation


- 1.422,13 m² new project
- 1098,71 m² rehabilitation


54 residentials


Ajuntament de Bellver de Cerdanya

Type of job

Public Work
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