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Residence in Hospitalet de l'Infant - Public contest

The building is structured in two twin strips, which slip one over the other creating an intentional volumetric movement, responding to the site and the orientations.

Seek to orientate both for the sun and for the shade, the intense summer entails looking for spaces of sun and shade, the rooms and living spaces, together with the volumetry favor the choice of spaces depending on the climate.

Protected, safe and sectorized outdoor spaces are proposed according to activities, in relation to access and without interfering with the life of the Residence.

The compactness of the volumetrics is justified by cost optimization and functionality criteria.

Facades complete the volumetric conception. The orientation of the building determines the use of alicantines as sun protection, characteristic elements of the formal design of the building, incorporated into the collective memory of the people. The blind wall locks of the facade are materialized with precast concrete panels, creating a ventilated facade.

Opt for four residential units (10 people each maintaining the concept of housing).

Type of Job

New construction


1.554,51 m² new construction


40 residentials


Ajuntament de Hospitalet de L’Infant

Type of Work

Public work
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