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Residence in Montornés - Public contest

It is structured in three volumes that are articulated by the vertical cores of circulation in the form of a cloister, responding to the site, the orientations and the premises of the functional program. The two Residence strips are connected by the central administration volume and shared functions with direct access to the garden.

Taking into account the climatology, orientations, the level of dependence that many of the elderly have and sustainability criteria, protected and safe outdoor spaces are considered.

The gardens are divided according to activities, in relation to access and without interfering with the life of the Residence: a space for visits with the support of children’s games that favors the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. Another space to simply be in the sun, relax and contemplate. A therapeutic garden space and a last physical activity space with direct access from physiotherapy.

Type of job

New construction


5.319,55 m² new construction


90 residentials
30 day center


Ajuntament de Montornès del Vallès

Type of work

Public work
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